Acuity LED 3200R

Cost-effective superwide printing with LED UV technology

Produce high quality superwide display and exhibition graphics in the most cost-effective way. With low energy LED UV curing technology, the Acuity LED 3200R delivers excellent production efficiency with impressive productivity.

  • 3200mm print width
  • Up to 110m2/hr productivity
  • 7 picolitre piezo inkjet printheads
  • Dual roll printing function as standard
  • Up to 100kg roll weight
  • Fujifilm Uvijet LF inks
  • Modular ink channel configuration
  • LED UV curing system (5000+ hours)
  • Backlit print proofing panel
  • Print quality management system
  • Productivity kit options

Superwide. Super value.

Excellent value for money

If you’re producing any graphics over 1.6m, you can’t afford not to own the Acuity LED 3200R. The cost of this superwide printer is close to that of smaller format machines, so you get a lot for your money.

Great return on investment

You don’t need high volumes to make this printer pay for itself, so if you’re thinking of expanding into superwide this is the ideal machine for your business.

Ultra-efficient and cheaper to run

LED UV technology uses less power and produces less heat than conventional UV curing and other processes. Compared to solvent-based printers the output is very low odour and no dedicated extraction is required. Running costs are low.

Produce a wide range of applications

With specially formulated Fujifilm Uvijet inks, you can print on a wide range of display materials. Even some specialist materials like polyester textiles and heat sensitive media print well due to no heat exposure during the LED UV curing process. Images are crisp and vibrant. Backlit images are stunning.

Less maintenance

Acuity LED 3200R starts up quickly and is ready to run in minutes. Routine maintenance is minimal. Robust industrial grade printheads have a long service life and don’t need to be routinely replaced.

Acuity LED 3200R key specifications

Maximum print speed 110m2/hr
Maximum print width 3050mm (when using roll holders: Single set: Max.1,620mm, Twin-Roll: Max.2 x 1524mm)
Maximum media thickness 1.0mm
Inks Fujifilm Uvijet LF LED UV curable ink
Colour configuration 4 channel: CMYK / 7 channel: CMYKLcLmW / 8 channel: CMYKLcLmWCl
Printheads 4 heads with four channels each
Dimensions (W x L x H) 5.68 x 1.22 x 1.44m

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