Onset X1-LT

Imagine being able to upgrade your press to increase throughput as your business grows.Imagine Onset quality at a mid range price. The Onset X1-LT flatbed UV printer provides the amazing, market-leading print quality expected from the Onset series with production speeds that help your business grow. As the need for throughput increases, an easy upgrade path allows the LT to build to a full Onset X1. At initial install, The X1-LT is capable of producing sellable output of 40 5′ x 10′ full size beds per hour with manual handling.

Onset X1-LT is capable of producing sellable output at speeds in excess of 2.152 ft2/hr equating to 40 5’ x 10’ beds per hour by utilizing a small droplet size (14 picoliters) jetted through 42.000 nozzles to produce crisp images, fine lines, sharp text and smooth tonal graduations. It offers many of the features associated with the Onset X Series, including a wide color gamut, optional white, variable satin to gloss finish, advanced job management and automation. There’s no gloss-matte banding commonly associated with conventional reciprocating head technology, especially in high saturation areas. In addition, the Onset X1-LT produces superb POP-quality display graphics economically up to 1,8” (46mm) thick. After the Level 1 Upgrade, the X1-LT is capable of producing 58 5’ x 10’ beds per hour with manual handling. That’s over 4.300 square feet per hour. The Level 1 Upgrade includes the addition of a second UV lamp, the associated electronics and additional print modes. Adding a second UV lamp allows for bidirectional printing, which significantly increases printing speed.

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  • High Quality, high speed output of 40 beds an hour
  • Output increases to 58 beds an hour after the Level 1 Upgrade
  • Tecnología de correlación de boquillas automática iNozzle
  • Matriz de impresión con zonas de vacío de 25 zonas
  • Variable gloss levels from satin to gloss
  • Protección automática del sensor del cabezal de impresión
  • Software de diagnóstico remoto Inca Vision
  • Reporter Pro provides costing data
  • Print Run Controller for management of versions and variable print runs

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