Onset X2

ith a maximum throughput of 6.889 ft2/hour equating to 128 5’ x 10’ beds/hour, Onset X2 is ideal for companies producing fast-turnaround retail graphics. As the business expands, Onset X2 provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity while an optional six LmLcWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality. A choice of unidirectional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

Onset X2 is capable of producing sellable output at speeds in excess of 6.800 ft2/hr equating to 128 5’ x 10’ beds per hour. Offering many of the features associated with the Onset range, including a wide color gamut, optional white, variable satin to gloss finish, advanced job management and automation. In addition, Onset X2 produces superb POP-quality display graphics economically up to 1,8” (46mm) thick. The ability to vary the gloss level directly from the operator console gives the user flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis.

To ensure maximum throughput, the Inca Onset X2 is compatible with Inca’s flexible automation systems which offer customers the choice to operate in manual, three quarter or full automation as well as Inca’s Software Suite which includes Reporter Pro, Inca Vision and Print Run Controller (PRC) software.

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