Onset X3

Capable of printing in excess of 9.600 ft2/hour (180 beds/hour) with R printheads, the Onset X3 features 3 x CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange. The Onset X3 sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With this printer, users of analog screen printing lines can take the digital route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality print with superb consistency and reliability.

The Onset X3 Fujifilm Dimatix drop-on-demand printheads, which are perfect for the production of high volume, quality images onto a wide variety of media. Jetting a 14 picoliter drop size these trusted printheads provide a good balance of quality and volume for the display POP and signage market. The X3-R produces sellable output at speeds in excess of 9.600 ft2/hour (180 beds/hour). To ensure maximum throughput, the Inca Onset X3 is compatible with Inca’s flexible automation system which offers customers the choice to operate in manual, semi or three quarter automation from the same configuration, as well as Inca’s Software Suite which includes Reporter Pro, Inca Vision and Print Run Controller (PRC) software.

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